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Please note my shop is officially on holiday until March 2019 but if you have any requests or queries before then or want to reserve an item contact me on susie@flowerpress.com.au

Welcome to the flowerpress shop, selling the work of Susie Stubbs, graphic designer and artist.

I started the flowerpress brand back in 2007 when my three kids were small and I was starting to find time and space again for my creative pursuits.

Around that time I discovered Gocco printing which in turn led me to screenprinted textiles. My Etsy shop was born that year and I was lucky enough to be featured on a few major design blogs in those early days.

For the past few years I've been having fun with ceramics too, a new passion, and I'm just starting to sell small pieces such as vases and pendants.

My online presence is all under the banner of flowerpress, an amalgam of my days as a book designer in the publishing industry and my horticulture studies and passions.

You'll find me on instagram, etsy, blogspot and facebook under that name.

This year marks eleven years of flowerpress design, and I've so enjoyed the journey, making art and craft as I'm inspired and buoyed along by the support and inspiration of my online community!