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snow village - little houses

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I dreamed about making a little snow village for my mantlepiece so recently I made myself a little clay set. And then because people liked mine so much I've made another small batch to share.
Handcrafted in my home studio they are fired twice in my new old vintage kiln.
Each house is unique and a little wonky thanks to this handmade process. After they are shaped and smoothed and stamped with windows and doors they are bisque fired to make them strong. Three coats of glaze and another even hotter firing gives them their shiny protective coat.
Buy one little house, or buy a few to make a village like mine.
In honour of the season I've also made a few Christmas trees for the snow villagers to sing carols around!

Please note I am not doing custom houses at this time. Once this batch is gone there will be none till next year. Thanks!

Small houses $9 each
Medium houses $12 each
Large houses $15 each
Church/town hall/castle $20 each
Christmas tree plain $9 detailled $12 each

Coloured village $40

Postage 1-3 houses $6
4-8 houses $9
8 houses plus $10